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Our company is a professional engaged in deep processing of glass products、Furniture of form a complete set of products development and production of large enterprises,In1995Completed and put into operation,Companies with a total investment of super2One hundred million yuan,Jiangyin city now has Beijing chengcheng glass co., LTD、Jiangsu tongda household products co., LTD. The two companies,In two separate sites,Factory district area12Million square meters,Total building area8Million square meters。

The company has from the United States、Italy、Japan、Switzerland and other countries the introduction of silver mirror mirrors the production line、Silk screen printing/Roller printing production line、Toughened glass production line、Glass processing center production line、Profile machining production line,And cutting、Edge grinding、Tint、To clean、Packing robot complete glass processing and aluminum processing equipment100More than one(Sets),A leading comprehensive ability。But in the production of various kinds of deep processing of glass300Square meters,No copper lead free silver mirror400Million square meters,All kinds of household products and accessories200All set。 The company mainly produces domestic outfit door sliding door class、Bathroom mirror/Make up lens/Pier glass、Shower room classes、The vitreous mesa and glass lens ark five products。The product mainly exports,Exported to Europe、In North America、Australia、Japan and other markets,With ikea、Leroy merlin、Saint-gobain、Pilkington、Sharp、Fuji and other international well-known companies has a long cooperation、Fixed-point production relations。The company hasISO9001/14000/18000System certification,And have foreign trade self-supporting import and export right。The products of the factory has passedCECertification、3CCertification、SGSCertification、FSCCertification、GBStandard authentication。

The company always adhere to the aim to build the sustainable development of the modern enterprise,Committed to the technological innovation,In order to realize the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent industry。Always adhere to the talent as the cornerstone of enterprise growth,Focus on personnel training, and humanistic care,In order to creating a culture full of love。Beijing the clear glass、Tongda household will pursuit,Wholeheartedly with friends from all walks of life in good faith、Frank cooperation of the communist party of China seeks the development,To join hands in creating a better tomorrow!

1993Years,Jiangyin city of Beijing was registered senior decorative glass。
1995Years,After experienced by formally put into production;Silver mirror products of the company obtained the Edward laboratory, product certification,Passed the jiangsu province and jiangsu province science and technology by the working group of new technology、New product identification,And the prize95In nanjing international expo gold medal of new and high technology。
1996Years,Company building safety glass on the market,And by the jiangsu province and jiangsu province science and technology by the working group of new technology、New product identification。
1998Years,Companies aimed at home and abroad the latest requirements,Research and development success colored glaze tempered glass oven,To fill the domestic blank,Products passed through the jiangsu province and jiangsu province science and technology by the working group of new technology、New product identification,And was rated as high-tech products in jiangsu province,On the market popularity and praise。
1999Years,The company approved by the state foreign economic,For the import and export rights,Products began to enter the international market。
2000Years,Jiangyin city Beijing chengcheng senior decoration glass by the collective enterprise reform smoothly become private enterprises,Approved by the jiangyin industrial and commercial bureau after converted into a limited liability company。
2001Years,Companies to develop successful ship electric heating glass,Products passed through the jiangsu province and jiangsu province science and technology by the working group of new technology、New product identification,And was rated as high-tech products in jiangsu province。In the same year,Was named the jiangsu province management foundation work level standard and high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province。
2002Years,By the companyISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。
2003Years,By the companyISO14001:1996Environmental management system certification andGB/T28001:2001Occupational health and safety management system certification。
2003Years,Series products of the company through the national center for safe productionCCCProduct safety certification。
2004Years,The company imported from Italy glass roller printing production line,Started production of colored glass。
2005Years,The products of the company was rated as brand-name products in wuxi city、Wuxi protection products。
2007Years,Company has issued by the ministry of science and technology department of jiangsu province high and new technology enterprise certificate。
2008Years,Company developed the first generation of environmental protection, no new technology of bronze mirror,The production technology and product quality reach the domestic advanced level,In the international leading position。
2009Years,Company research and development successH120Fireproof glass、Since the clean bathroom glass,And obtained national patent。
2010Years,In order to achieve the company's long-term development planning objectives,Company established the enterprise standardization management team,Start to carry out the standardization management and promote enterprise system project。
2010Years,The development strategy of company made the solar thermal development projects,Established by the chairman of the board plays a special working group,Conducted in the early period of the solar thermal power generation project technology research and market research,And solar thermal power projects to declare a national technology bureau of technology innovation fund for small businesses。
2011Years,Company set up a special glass engineering technology research center of jiangsu province。In the same year12Month,My company independent research and development of senior silver mirror that defend bath to fog、H120Fire glass by science and technology department identified as high-tech products in jiangsu province。
2011Years,Beijing association for science and technology set up orange glass company。
2012Years,My company product high quality lead and bronze mirror was awarded first prize of Shanghai building materials industry technology innovation,Technical innovation is the first prize in the national building materials industry。
2013Years,The communist party of China (the town of jiangyin Gu Shan Beijing general branch committee was set up,There are four party branch。
2015Years,The 20th anniversary of the founding of the company。
2016Years,Tongda household of the contract to be built and put into production,The factory area4Million square meters,Realize the layout adjustment and equipment upgrades,Buy more than one(Sets)Automation equipment,Enterprise to the automation industry。
2017Years1Month,Passing by8Months of unremitting efforts,Before and after three rounds of scheme comparison and bidding,Tongda eventually in ikea2mmThe thin glass of winning projects,As the world's second home in household products production2mmThe producers of toughened glass。In the same year11Month,The company set up social responsibility management system,And through the acceptance。


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In recent days,Received several reports,A self-proclaimed Jiang Wentong man, general manager of the company,Posing as my company staff,To the relevant units do business selling,Now the company makes the following statement on the matter:A、Display of this card Jiang Wentong had nothing to do with the company general manager,All related to contact this company。2、The company business contacts, and contact information will be subject to company website show。3、If you have met the person or business has occurred,Please call immediately110Report to the police,Contact with the company at the same time,The company must cooperate with related matters。 This announcement。                 
Beijing orange glass tops the mirrors industry list of top ten enterprise of China light industry
Congratulations to jiangyin Beijing the clear glass co., LTD. In China light industry federation,China Daily groceries in the top ten enterprises of China light industry association of selection is evaluated“Mirrors industry top ten enterprises in China”,Comprehensive evaluation of total ranked second!
Glass easily since the summer How should do maintenance and protection?
Indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too big glass blow itself up easily in summer,The bigger the glass area,The greater the hidden danger of explosion。  Indoor air conditioning,Indoor temperature may only glass20℃The left and right sides;In outdoor,Due to the sun,Often more than temperature30℃,Even closer40℃。A cold one hot,Caused by uneven heat bilges cold shrink effect both inside and outside the glass,Easy to burst。And glass to recounttheir most is not in the middle of the day,But in the night。This is due to the high temperatures during the day,Indoor air conditioning at night the temperature is low,Uneven and explosive。  According to China's glass industry standards,Glass allows a certain explosive rate,But since the rate is very low,Only